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Occasional snow showers. Quite windy. High -11C. Winds NNW at 40 to 55 km/h. Chance of snow 40%. Winds could occasionally gust over 80 km/h.
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Nice to see the green money flowing

Students receive grant for aquaponics system! It’s always nice to see private and public funds being channelled to youth with an interest in green and sustainable technologies. Read about a group of Arizona students granted $2500 to fund their project.


Dollar tree

Winnipeg – May Long Weekend

So this happened…



Our lovely cherry blossoms are probably a little confused.

Healthy Summer Popsicles/Freezies!

There are few things so pleasurable than enjoying a corner-of-the-mouth-destroying freezie during the summer. But those things are basically just sugar, flavour, and colour. Check out this article at Kids Activities Blog for some great recipes producing healthy and low/no sugar frozen treats!



Fresh Honey on Tap?

This is, by far, one of the coolest innovations I have ever seen. Cedar Anderson and his father came up with an ingenious method for extracting fresh honey straight from the comb with minimal impact to the bees. The Indigogo campaign was an amazing success and they will begin making their units available for sale soon. Check out their website at honeyflow.com and sign up for alerts.





Aquaponics Innovations

It is amazing how much innovation and out-of-the-box thinking is happening around aquaponics. From small apartment-sized setups to gigantic production facilities, people are constantly coming up with new ways to expand the field. Check out this article from Web Urbanist which showcases a Japanese firm and how it pushes the limits of aquaponics.


Web Urbanist photo

Web Urbanist photo

Dandelions are just dandy!


I was brought up to believe that dandelions are weeds and to be eradicated. They mess up the look of the boring, unnatural, monocrop we call lawns. We want our lawns to be unnaturally green, lush, and dense. We can’t have pretty yellow flowers dotting the landscape!


This is a great article from eatlocalgrown.com showing some love for the wrongfully accused.


How to thwart those pesky ticks

Most people are gearing up their gardens and only thinking about spring. But summer is not that far off. With summer, come the ticks. We found a great article at ehow.com full of great ideas for putting ticks in their place!



“I can’t afford to eat healthy” – Why this assumption is wrong…


For a while now, we have been trying to lead a healthier lifestyle based on a healthier diet. At first, we made the same assumption. Eating healthy is expensive. After research and trips to various stores, we discovered that we could fill our cart with healthier options with less or no chemicals, organic, holistic nutrition for about the same money. Sometimes it was even cheaper. This article is a great resource for those thinking they can’t afford to choose the healthier options.


Aquaponics – Engaging Youth

We are seeing it more and more, young people being introduced to Aquaponics and sustainability. With a strong foundation in the basics, their young minds can come up with amazing innovations. It’s great to see schools like this one in Sudbury, taking it to the classroom.



Questions about how/when/where to start seeds?

Sage Garden Greenhouses in Winnipeg, Manitoba has some ideas on that.



Check them out on Facebook too!