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Plants For A Future

If you are interested in medicinal or useful plants please visit Plants For a Future.

Plants For A Future: A resource and information centre for edible and otherwise useful plants

Plants For A Future (PFAF) is a charitable company, originally set up to support the work of Ken and Addy Fern on their experimental site in Cornwall, where they carried out research and provided information on edible and otherwise useful plants suitable for growing outdoors in a temperate climate. Over time they planted 1500 species of edible plants on ‘The Field’ in Cornwall, which was their base since 1989. Over ten years ago, Ken began compiling a database, which currently consists of approximately 7000 species of plants.


Manitoba Weather – A teeny rant ;)

Good afternoon, friends! I hope everyone gets a change to enjoy the nice day outside. It is a perfect day for gardening. Not too hot and not too cold. Break out the lemonade and dig in. Just be ready to head indoors on a moment’s notice if you don’t like playing in the rain.

We have it good here, ya know. Real good. If we lived in Vancouver we would be dealing with so much rain all the time. Granted they don’t have a harsh winter. But rain…all the time? Ugh. Calgary and Edmonton are at the mercy of whatever comes over the mountains. Toronto…well…is Toronto. ’nuff said? I don’t know what the climate is like in Montreal. I spent a few weekends there one summer. It was nice. The Maritimes get a potpourri of weather thrown at them all the time.

We have good seasons here. The winter is cold, yes. But it is dry and we can play. The springs are very wet and chilly. But they do clean up the city from the whitish brown it becomes. Fall is beautiful and cool. Some of our most stable and nicest weather is in the fall. Granted that’s not how it was twenty years ago. Things have changed a lot here, climate wise. Summers here are fabulous. Lately people have been complaining a lot about how cheated they are. “It’s sunny all week and rains all weekend” “What a ripoff!” “This sucks”. Frankly I am sick of it.

How arrogant are we that we feel Mother Nature owes us ANYTHING? We invented the work week. We invented weekends. Who are we to think Nature should follow OUR schedules? It rains when it needs to. It snows when it should. Tornadoes, hurricanes, monsoons, thunderstorms, blizzards all happen because the forces of Nature work that way. I am sorry to inform the whiners that no matter how much you complain about the weather, there is NOTHING you can do to change it. All you can do it enjoy the diversity of Natures weather or sit inside and mope.

Enjoy all the good we have here in Manitoba. No matter the weather there is lots to see and do. We have a host of friendly folks and great events. Get out. Enjoy them.

Remember, if you have Green or community events planned post it in the events calendar and we’ll add it to our events calendar.

Have a great weekend!

Take Action! Sign the petition – Millions Against Monsanto

The Organic Consumer’s Organization (OCA) is an online and grassroots non-profit 501(c)3 public interest organization campaigning for health, justice, and sustainability. The OCA deals with crucial issues of food safety, industrial agriculture, genetic engineering, children’s health, corporate accountability, Fair Trade, environmental sustainability and other key topics. We are the only organization in the US focused exclusively on promoting the views and interests of the nation’s estimated 50 million organic and socially responsible consumers.

Please visit the site above. It is a wealth of information you really should not do without. On their website is a petition to join the Millions Against Monsanto movement. Please, if you care about safe food and ethical agriculture, consider joining.

Sign the Petition

Trip to Assiniboine Park

Fuin and I took a trip to Assiniboine Park yesterday. We wanted to see the new kids area and takes some shots in the zoo. We had a great time. The new play area is amazing, full of fun and interesting things for the kids. Enjoy the photos.


Growing pains for green-fingered

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As food prices rise, so does the demand for land to grow crops on

Vancouver city officials will let residents grow crops along roadsides, as skyrocketing food prices drive a huge increase in urban agriculture.

Demand for plots in city-serviced community gardens is so heavy that all 70 have waiting lists. Meanwhile, “guerrilla gardeners” are sowing seeds on vacant lots and right-of-ways, property owners are making ground available to neighbours and small-scale farmers, and apartment dwellers are growing herbs and vegetables in gardens that fit on a windowsill.

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More pics

The first bed is constructed. Now we need to go get the pond liner, setup and fill the pickle barrel, buy the container for the sump to go underneath, and plumb it with pvc. Not too much left to do hehe.

Annie was helping me today. She’s a good girl.


Pic of the build in progress

Here is the first pic. That is Weedy the Green Cow sitting on the plank. He’s our mascot :) More pics to come…

Build is going well

Making good progress :) Fuin is on her way over with food and to keep me on track. But the support is built and the bed bottom is about to be cut. I need help with that so I’ll wait for her to get here. I took some pics so I’ll get those uploaded right away.

The Urban Farming Guys – Sharing Knowledge… Feeding Nations.

Please visit the Urban Farming Guys at their website

“We took the seeds in our pockets and every square foot we owned and went about like mad scientists testing out innovative ideas from all around world and making them work in one of the most blighted neighborhoods in the US. Everything from urban fish farming to alternate energy.”

They have a forum like ours and a series of videos detailing their struggles, triumphs, and joys. Please visit them and learn about what a small group can do to make big changes, not only in their own lives but to their community. We urge you to participate in their forums as with ours and help spread the word of the movement.


Eating Local: Does It Matter?

I read this article a few times. I know it makes me sound cynical but I can’t shake the feeling the guy featured in the article is on some Big Ag payroll. But just because I do not agree with the arguments presented doesn’t mean I won’t share the article. It does make some good points. I believe that you folks with similar attitudes to mine will see this as an opportunity to view all angles of a discussion and make judgments based on ALL the evidence.

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It is a veritable maxim of the modern environmental movement: To help heal the planet, eat local.

If only it were that simple.

A growing number of studies, including one recently published in the journal Environmental Science & Technology, suggest that the economic arithmetic underlying our food production and distribution system is profoundly complex, making it increasingly difficult to rely on bumper-sticker solutions.


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