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Green Champions

Today we launch our Green Champions feature. We are interviewing local businesses, organizations, and individuals that strive towards a Green way of doing things. These businesses and groups are local, active in the community, and shine as examples to any who desires a greener way of thinking.

Our first Champion is Amanda Grant, of Orange Lily Foods. Orange Lily is a Winnipeg company promoting healthy eating through the incorporation of raw plant-based foods.

You can find her scrumptious website at or on Facebook at

This is what Amanda had to say…

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Preparing you garden for winter

When autumn nights start to get cold, it’s time to prepare your garden for winter. Winterizing not only makes your garden look better during the cold weather months, but will make for easier work in the spring and will protect less hardy plants from the cold. Start closing your garden down when there is frost in the forecast or the temperature consistently starts to drop to the low teens or even single digits (Celsius), usually around late October or November. 

Here are some helpful tips…

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