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Archive for December 2011

The Hobbit Production Video #5

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The Hobbit Trailer … ’nuff said

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D’Arcy’s ARC needs your help this Holiday Season!

I was on the phone today with Kelsey at D’Arcy’s A. R. C. (Animal Rescue Centre). There are a number of items that are always in demand to help out day-to-day operations at the centre. With the holiday season fast approaching the need is even greater.

There are a lot of worthwhile charities out there that need your dollars and your help. I would never ask anyone to give up one for another. But in this busy time when we all do our best to help out whomever we can, sometimes there are worthy causes that fall off the radar. There are so many wonderful animals currently living at D’Arcy’s ARC and a dedicated and loving staff.

Kelsey provided me with a list of the most needed items:

Newspapers (preferably Free Press size)
Friskies canned cat food
I asked why Friskies and there was a simple reason. A lot of the cats when they arrive have an impeded or damaged sense of smell. A cat food like Friskies does have a strong smell and taste, thus encouraging the cats to start eating.
Ultra type laundry detergent (the concentrated stuff)
Dryer sheets (unscented is best)
Clumping clay cat litter
Large-size garbage bags (yard size)

Cash is always welcome. Canadian Tire Money is as well. Tax receipts are available for any cash donation above $10. Memorial donations are possible if you would like to make a donation in someone else’s name or that of a beloved pet current or past.

D’Arcy’s ARC is located at 730B Century Street beside Memory Express, just south of Wellington. They can be reached at 888-2266 or thearcwinnipeg@gmail.com. Their website is www.darcysarc.ca .

Please consider donating to D’Arcy’s ARC this season. It is a great way to help those who can’t ask for help.

On a side note, please consider any animal adoptions or purchases this season very carefully. While it seems like a wonderful time of year to bring a new member of the family home it can sometimes be a bad idea. It is a hectic season. There is shopping to do, family to feed, presents to unwrap. Generally new and existing pets can be overwhelmed by it all or, sadly, ignored when all of this is going on. I know we can all say that we wouldn’t be like that. But we all know how crazy things can get around this time of year. Please consider alternatives to a new pet this season.