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We here at The Green Path Farm are excited and pleased to welcome you to our site. The Green Path Farm is working towards becoming a family-owned and operated, sustainable aquaponics farm located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

Our mission is to create a local, sustainable, and educational aquaponics farm within city limits capable of supplying fresh vegetables, fish, and herbs to not only our own family, but to local retail and restaurants. All of our systems will be built with a philosophy of simple, efficient, and innovative.

We look forward to sharing ideas about sustainability, permaculture, alternative energy, and ethical practices.

You can contact us at any time at sean@onthegreenpath.ca. Thank you for your interest in our site!

6 Responses to “About Us”

  • kenbeme:

    What is you location?.. I am interested in starting my own system but I am finding it hard get going with parts.

  • Sean:

    Hello. We are in Winnipeg, Manitoba. All the parts we used are readily available at local stores. The stores used were Canadian Tire, Rona, Home Depot, and Macdiarmid Lumber. Any help you need just let us know. You can reach me personally at sean@onthegreenpath.ca

  • kkmuracz:

    Hey Sean,

    I’m curious where you get your fish from and what type of fish are you using? We are looking at Tilapia (we can keep the water temperatures up fairly easily as our system is being built in a heated garage) but alternately, perch. We have been having trouble finding live fish or live fish eggs thus far (though everything else has come together nicely and we already use a smaller system stocked with goldfish to start our seeds.)

    • Sean:

      At the moment we are using just regular feeder fish from the pet store. As we are still mainly in the experimental stages, setup, crops, environment, etc, we are not wanting to put too much into the fish just yet.

      Sorry for the late response :(

  • caesium:

    What kind of licensee’s do you need in Winnipeg. I am very interested in setting up a system for the family, and would want to use feed fish like Talpia

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